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Jane Batten Staff Photo


Recycling Program Up and Running  

The recycling progrm has been going for about a month, now, taking into account the time off for Hurricane Matthew.  It is going very smoothly, with pickups on Fridays.  The students with signed permission forms are rotating within the small group of participants.  Those who participate are learning work ethic, responsibility, and proper work behavior.  I'm so proud of this program and the participants in it!


Coming Soon: Recycling at Woodland High School!  

In recent years, our class has worked on collecting paper for recycling from participating classrooms at Woodland High School.  We will be starting the program again this year in the coming weeks.  I am very excited for this opportunity for my students to learn job skills that they will be able to transfer into their lives after high school.

I'll have more information about this program as it progresses.  Keep visiting our webpage for updates!


Jane Batten